When: July 3, 2007 6:30PM
Where: Murnane Field, Sunset Ave, Utica, NY


The New York State League of Professional Baseball has announced that the League’s Opening Night, July 3, at Murnane Field in Utica will be called “Salute to Fallen Heroes Night” The League seeks to honor the memories of New Hartford Police Officer Joseph Corr and Utica Police Officer Thomas Lindsey. Both officers were killed in the line of duty.

In a press conference held with Utica and New Hartford police officials at Murnane on June 11, the League detailed its plans for the evening. A special police color guard made up of three officers from each department will be present as well as the ROTC color guard from Thomas R. Proctor High School in Utica.

Special commemorative tickets bearing the likenesses of both officers have been printed for the evening as well as a special edition of the League’s program book.

Following the game between the Utica Brewmasters and the Rome Coppers, the field lights will be extinguished and 3000 candles will be lit in silent tribute to the officers. Then the candles will be blown out and a special fireworks display designed to honor the two officers will be lit.

A portion of the proceeds from the evening will be donated by the League to foundations established in memory of the officers.
All law enforcement officers will be admitted to the game for free.

Fans who want to attend opening night should purchase their tickets early. Sales will be capped at 3000.
It may not be possible that evening to accommodate any walkup customers.



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Lt. Phil Brockway / Oneida County Sheriff Dept.
Inv. Michael Simmons / Oneida County Sheriff Dept.
Inv. Tim Klock/ Oneida County Sheriff Dept.

Officer Dominic Niti / Utica Police Dept.

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