Thursday, March 20, 2008

Wesley Molina-Cirino was found guilty of murder in the shooting death of Utica Police Officer Thomas Lindsey. The court room was filled with Lindsey's co-workers and colleagues.

Moliana-Cirino assassinated Lindsey with a shot to the back of the head while Lindsey was on a traffic stop with another party.

Observer-Dispatch photographer, Michael P. Doherty's slide show of the verdict at

Monday, March 10, 2008

Wesley Molina-Cirino is currently on trial for the shooting death of Utica, NY Police Officer Thomas Lindsey.

With weeks away from the one-year anniversary of Officer Lindsey's tragic death, members of the Utica Police Department, as well as the community are having to re-live that fateful day.

WKTV is blogging the trial coverage. Please visit their web site to keep up-to-date with the trial coverage.





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Officer Dominic Niti / Utica Police Dept.

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Utica, NY Police Officer Thomas M. Lindsey,was killed in the line of duty on April 12, 2007. features photo galleries of the events surrounding the tragic shooting death of Officer Lindsey. Lindsey, a veteran of the Utica Police Department, was also a former Marine. P h o t o s @ N L F o r d . c o m: Home of Nancy L. Ford Photography, Photographer, Photojournalist, Utica, NY, From the heart of the Mohawk Valley, in Oneida County. Nancy L. Ford, former Photo Editor, Staff photographer with the Observer-Dispatch,freelances in Upstate New York, specializing in Editorial, Commercial, and Portrait Photography. Utica PBA.